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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Laughter is good for the soul....... and the shoe parade begins

So if you guys follow me, you know that I did a lovely shoot with my brother MG Photography a little while back (check him out here He is the SolesUp photographer of choice because he is insanely talented and he takes the most flattering pics of me (love does that I guess). This shoot had many many pictures that I love dearly but the ones he took in this particular outfit are probably my favorite....he captured me at my goofiest and quite possible my happiest. I think he was making me laugh because of the snow and the cold but whatever the reason, one of my favorite outfits ever produced some of my favorite pictures.
I call this my no jeans, chick on the go outfit...easy to throw on and go and still look like you are well styled. Its amazing what a little color and a scarf can do for an outfit....try it!!


And to add a little spice to the blog I've decided to start the shoe parade......I will add a couple pictures of shoes I actually own to random posts to catalog exactly why this blog is called SolesUp!!! I literally dream up outfits based on shoes I own and more often than not get dressed feet first....does anyone else do that?? These two pairs are two of my absolute faves and the detail on them is worth showing...........anyway happy Tuesday Lovies and keep dreaming and loving life!