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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last day of summer blues!!

Well, its the last day of summer, my birthday has come and gone and its been generally a rough day, week, month, year.....I have my health, my beautiful baby boy and a ton of beautiful pics of my model and full figure style muse, so I share these to brighten your day and mine!! Her joy is evident and reminds me of peace and freedom!!

Shout out to my new fave staple; the t shirt dress!! Worn here as a simple shift but into fall I plan to layer, making it a 3 season staple, if not four!! See you guys in the fall.....and ask me about Project 2017!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

My camo obsession!!!

So I decided to try something first text!! Mainly because there is not much I have to say today, except I loooooove a camo print. Dressed up, dressed down, in between, I truly believe you can't go wrong with a camo outfit. Couple of summer time looks showing curvy style and mommy on the run style as well!! Thoughts?? Photos by MG Photography and make up by J Mornan Beauty as always!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Minimalist Style....according to the cool kid!!

My baby cousin (yes to me she is a baby) is in college.....have to stop aging myself in these posts! Anyway she is GORGEOUS and smart and a talented petite model to boot so I totally exploited her for my shoot..heh heh!! She's family, she couldn't say no. I used her own clothes and just picked pieces and accessories for her.....clean minimalist style, according to the cool kid!!

Make up by: Jojo Mornan and Photography by: MG Photography