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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Seasonal Shopping for the Budget Conscious

Every once in a while I do a post for the greater, whatever that means. So, as I get my fall wish list together, I thought I would share my process for seasonal shopping on a TIGHT budget. 

As a new mom priorities change but I still have the same taste and desire even more high quality (translation; higher priced) items as I find that they last the longest and offer more value for the price. Today's post is allllll about shopping on a budget when seasons change. Please share and subscribe and let me know what you think!!

- Set your budget for the season; make it a realistic one based on monthly bills, savings and what you truly know you can spare......or else!!

- Create a seasonal wish list with everything that your heart desires

- Split the wish list into a buy list and a fantasy list (fantasy list is for items you can't possibly afford)

- Separate the buy list by needs and wants (are your flat black boots done - that's a core item that has to be replaced)

- Eliminate duplicate or similar styles (choose your favorite regardless of cost)

- Check to see if the most expensive items are on a sale or likely to go on sale based on the store that sells them (end of season sales typically happen mid season when the items are still very wearable - its a retail thing)

- Eliminate based on previous step (if they're not going on sale and you can't afford them, take them off the buy list)

- Check your cost per wear ratio (if you are not getting the most value for your money, move it from the buy list for a birthday or special gift purchase)

- Check items left on buy list against your budget

- If list does it match budget, move non essential items to fantasy list piece by piece until budget is achieved

- Purchase based on budget, purchase basic essentials and best cost per wear pieces first

- Enjoy your new pieces!!!! Note; items do not have to be bought at the start of a season. If you can afford one item per month or week then purchase as you can...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last day of summer blues!!

Well, its the last day of summer, my birthday has come and gone and its been generally a rough day, week, month, year.....I have my health, my beautiful baby boy and a ton of beautiful pics of my model and full figure style muse, so I share these to brighten your day and mine!! Her joy is evident and reminds me of peace and freedom!!

Shout out to my new fave staple; the t shirt dress!! Worn here as a simple shift but into fall I plan to layer, making it a 3 season staple, if not four!! See you guys in the fall.....and ask me about Project 2017!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

My camo obsession!!!

So I decided to try something first text!! Mainly because there is not much I have to say today, except I loooooove a camo print. Dressed up, dressed down, in between, I truly believe you can't go wrong with a camo outfit. Couple of summer time looks showing curvy style and mommy on the run style as well!! Thoughts?? Photos by MG Photography and make up by J Mornan Beauty as always!