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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Dressing!! K.I.S.S - Keep it simple Sister!!

So I don’t get invited to balls or galas (yet) so my holiday fashion is what I would wear to church, a friend's and or family member's gathering or what I wear to sit home watching the ball drop with a glass of cider (I breastfeed). That is not to say that I don’t enjoy my luxe elements, it just means that I may be slightly overdressed in one way but completely cute and comfy in another. That's pretty much my signature anyway, esepcially since becoming a mom; simple, quick but still cute! For the holidays that means a t shirt & a jacquard skirt with sequined shoes, a shiny top and simple skirt with a luxe coat (courtesy of my uber stylish cousin Karla) and blingy shoes……. you get the picture!!

I also love to dress the looks up with beaucoup accessories, long dangly earrings, embellished clutches or bracelets to the elbow….lol! Ok not to the elbow, but again, you get the picture. Here are a couple of my holiday looks. If I can get a sitter, one of them may make it out the house for New Year’s Eve this year! Merry Christmas guys and a Happy New Year!!!!

P.S How cute is my T-Shirt?? If you like it, contact me for purchase info!!


  1. absolutely stunning and simple done with holiday spirit and looks!!! GREAT POST! :-)

  2. Gorgeous! Love all the shiny touches!!!

  3. Love them both! I definitely want that t shirt!

  4. AMAZING SPREAD!!!!!! I'm so excited and btw, I need help with my company's holiday party!!! eeeekkk!