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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Easy breezy weekend/resort style!! Caution - Curvy Warrior Princess ahead!!

So my new favorite model is the super talented make up artist of the've seen her featured recently and its time to see her again. She brought so much joy to our shoot and really proved that style is not about size but about confidence and loving the skin you're in!! 

Got into this mixed print maxi look and dropped a camo jacket on top and let her go to town!!! SHE LOVED IT!!! Twirled, spun and enjoyed the pool......she could almost be on a cruise or at an exclusive high end resort right?? of course by MG Photography and Jo's make up page on Facebook is Jmornanbeauty......look them up and book them! Trust me, you won't find better quality anywhere! Let me know thoughts on the outfit or just say hey in the comments!

She looks so fierce and her make up is EVERYTHING!!!! Oh!! Happy 4th of July weekend guys!!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Wrap it up!!

A few years ago..and I mean less than ten, African clothing was typically worn by people from African nations or people who considered themselves Afrocentric (I am trying to be PC here). Fast forward to today and African dressing is trending! If you don’t have at least one piece with some kind of African print, you ain’t popping!! LOL, yeah I said it…..popping, and yes I know it ages me. Age aside, I have hopped, wholeheartedly on to the band wagon and love the versatility of the new African and African inspired clothing.

Pencil skirts, maxi skirts, midi skirt, shorts, tops, the list goes on and on but my favorite item by far is the (head) wrap!! Honey it’s about to be a wrap summer……I am getting my wrap game up with online tutorials and multiple wrap purchases from the Wrap Life (! What I love the most about wraps is that you can wear them with just about anything! The look pictured here is easy breezy, mom on the go, mall hopping or lunch with the girls but add heels and it can also be a cute evening look. The stand out though is this wrap! It’s vibrant, it’s fun, it’s sexy and then you pair it with awesome make up and your whole look is taken to another level! I enjoyed this look and plan to enjoy it a ton more times this summer….Wrap, wrap, wrap….try it, I guarantee you will love it!!

Make up again: Jojo Mornan 
Photography: MG Photography 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Curves, Confidence and CON-TOOOOUR!!!

SolesUp has always been about dressing women (and men) and making them feel their very best and this post is no exception! As a matter of fact, the model/make up artist/cousin in the post said that the outfit featured gave her “her life back!” That meant so much because all the work I put in is to highlight my clients and to help them get their MOJO and live their best, most stylish life!! Today SolesUp features curves, confidence and contour....(make up insider) because every woman has curves, should be confident and needs a little CONTOUR in her!!

The work that will be featured during this summer and going forward is some of my best (if I say so myself) and features the make up styling of Jojo Mornan, the photography of my talented brother, Marcus Golding ( and some surprise guest model appearances!!

Curves for days in this first curvy girl post, serving CON-TOOOOUR and confidence……maximizing the feel good, SolesUp style!!

Jojo is a make up artist out of Las Vegas, Marcus is an amazing photographer based out of Kingston, Jamaica and I offer styling services out of NY/NJ…but if you have a need, we can and will travel!!