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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Converse-ation......LOL

So when I got preggers with my Big Boy, I started wearing flats…..especially when I got really big, I wanted to stay close to the ground! Anyway, I developed during this time a renewed love for the Converse brand. Not a new love, just a renewed affection…..I found that I could always discover a Converse that I loved to go with most outfits and I could always find one on sale somewhere and that made it even sweeter!

Now that I have had the baby I am back in heels but I still do rock my Converses a lot…..especially when I am in Mom-on-the-go mode!! These wedges for today’s post are super cute and give me some height without sacrificing comfort!! 

Paired with my super awesome outfit and super convenient diaper backpack (that is still cute), I think this look came together nicely!! Had to add my pop of color with this awesome Gucci tassel bag too….. Remember Moms, you don’t have to be Hollywood to be cute!! Fab can be comfy and affordable too!!

Sweatshirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Asos (currently on sale)
Sneakers: Converse
Necklace: Target (old)
Purse: Gucci (old)
Diaper bag: Amazon

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tulle and twirl Tuesday!!

So I did this last shoot at home…..some sections we shot in the living room and other bits in my “studio”…! I enjoyed this shoot quite a bit because I didn’t have to go outside and pretend to be warm while freezing my tuckus off! I love my little work/inspiration space. It’s tiny but it’s mine and I enjoy the pictures I have up…favorite looks from old catalogs, pinterest faves and me preggers!! My look for this particular shoot shows me in tulle…..tulle honey!!! I can't say that I am a tulle girl but this skirt hollered at me on one of my fave retail sites so I tried it and loved it! I mean I have always been a little different but tulle, denim and pearls just sounds weird until you see them all together!! Oh and what about my pom pom clutch!! Cute overload today is all I have to say......

As you can see, the tulle inspired quite a bit of twirling and oh yeah, meet Maggie, the patient dress form……she helps me out when I want to try looks on somebody…..or just get somebody dressed up!! Inspired photography as usual by Azumi!! Check her out here;