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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ok so it wasn't on sale but.......Shuzie Log: November 21, 2011

Ok so I was just browsing the week of Black Friday sales yadda yadda.....when I happened upon the perfect shoe for the season....aka I got weddings, showers and New Year's coming up!!! Not that I will be wearing these shoes to all of the aforementioned events but they can slide through a few if I coordinate my crowds

Anyway so I was browsing and came across these lovely purple suede with a feather and crystal embellishment and.......*sigh* just had to have them.....When you think about it, they're totally festive without being obviously Christmas and I really needed a pair of purple suede shoes with a feather and crystal embellishment......ROFL!!! It's one of those pairs that I think will join the fave shoes category and when you see them you will know why!!! Anyhoo its the Monday of a short week and I have tons to do so.......laugh, cry, buy and I will post some lovelies soon.....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I think I really need a shot or something!! Shuzie Log: November 8, 2011

So the shoe obsession continues and I have a confession to make, I also have a thing for satchels......yeah the purses....I must admit I don't know where or how it came about but it exists in a very tangible way in my closet!!! All that to say, I think I need help, want help, no but need help, yes!! I was thinking of my blog this morning and realized that my current shoe fancy runs to tiny peep toes or cobalt blue shoes......and sometimes a shoe that combines!!

My birthday shoes were cobalt blue with the tiny peep hole and then I have some Sam Edelman joints that have the tiny peep hole and lovely prints and then I found a shoe today that I feel that I simply must have and they are called Altetude!!! I mean come on, the name alone is gonna make me get them but the shape and the stem (heel) is just delicious.......*sigh* I know I know, I don't need one more pair (especially not a blue pair) but without intervention, I do believe that they will grace my closet very soon......oh I included the very lovely satchel that has recently become a part of my collection.....

Well, point me in the direction of shoeaholics annonymous please and while doing so.....laugh, cry and buy.....they're shoes out there in need of a home!!! ROFL!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feeling a little Rock & Republic!! Shuzie Log: November 3, 2011

What it do Diva Loves?? Really happy to see October go and it sure did go out with a bang for us East Coast heads.......a snow storm, no power and too darned cold to wear anything cute on the feet!!!

The good news is, fall is trying to make a come back and I may be able to get a wear or two out of a couple more peep toe dynamos!! I am feel a little DOM these days and have been eyeing these Rock and Republic darlings that have been languishing in my closet all summer long.....just couldn't find the right place or event to wear them to.....these are not CHURCH!

They are super high and to die for......Still no event but I am going to figure out somewhere to wear these chumpies! For sure, they are definitely not dancing shoes but for an evening of just sitting and looking fab, they are going to be my first choice.

SB: Is it Friday yet?? Laugh, cry and buy my loves.....