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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My life my life my life........what have I been up to!?

So….just how long has it been? Not sure but it has been a long stretch without a post. If you know me at all, you know that I am pregnant which is an all consuming portion of my life journey but that is no excuse right? I am only growing a human and millions of women have done it before, lol!! I am currently at 22 weeks which is roughly five and a half months so a bit over halfway……I had an announcement post prepped, then I had a halfway post prepped and as you can see this is my first post so those did not make it!!

The good news is, since I am so far along I have much to report……maybe not, but I have some stuff to report. These are just my observations of what my journey has looked and felt like so far………lots of fun, surreal, exciting sensations and me in what I have been wearing over the past 22 weeks, well since 12 weeks actually.

A) You’re never as big as you think you are……..until everyone says you are BIG!
B) People say random things to pregnant women i.e. Are you having a baby? To which I normally answer, I hope so……lol otherwise I am definitely overeating!
C) Everyone has advice and I do mean everyone, even men…….lol
D) If you were even slightly weepy before, throw out all logic as to what makes you cry now
E) Preggers brain and mom brain is REAL!!!
F) ALL and I do mean all of your girls who have been pregnant before, remember to tell you about symptoms only after you have freaked out and are on your way to the hospital………that’s normal???
G) I love ultrasounds, it’s like seeing a movie in your tummy but its real
H) Ummmm I need a nap, I always need a nap

So that’s all I have so far……but enjoy the pics below…..I think they start at 12 weeks and end up around 21 weeks!!! I have not worn heels in more than 5 months…….the horror!!!