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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wait....Did I do this right??? Shuzie Log July 6, 2011

Ok so this is my first attempt at blogging, hopefully not my last....this is going to be all about shoes for now....especially since I am calling it Sole Stories by Shuzie....I hope I get some followers and meet other shoe lovers along the way........

Apparently I am addicted to shoes and maybe in some weird way this will help me to purge the need to shop by replacing it with the need to share....(yeah right)!! Anyhoo here is my current tribute to Pelle Moda leopard diva extraordinaire which I have yet to wear because I cannot find a suitably BUCK event....shout out to Little C from whom I have stolen the term "BUCK". On this blog it will only be used to refer to the very hottest shoes!! Ok love y'all (who am I talking to??) and hope this blog makes you laugh cry and BUY!!!!