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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What the Rubber???? No really it's rubber Shuzie Log: July 3, 2012

Ok so I love the shoes pictured below (and yes I have been blog slacking). They are well made, colors are so awesome I would have a hard time choosing BUT..........they're rubber!! I have seen some really cute rubber shoes and these are by far the cutest but the fact still remains that they are rubber.......*sigh*. Oh and trust me they are well worth their price in cuteness but as I think of a hot summer day in some rubber shoes with sweaty feet, I wonder if I should.......yeah I should and trust me ladies you always should with shoes as cute as these....heh heh. Soooo once again its laugh, cry and buy and oh yeah enjoy the 4th!! I know I will!!! Much shoe love to you all.