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Monday, December 19, 2011

Before you say anything....Shuzie Log: December 19, 2011 my defense, my New Year's fast will include shoes and technically speaking this is my last pair for a few months!!! Also to my credit, I have bought two pairs of color block shoes and returned them both because I thought they looked a little cartoony....this pair I believe will stick ;-)

All that to say I love these things!!! The colors are adorable and they're a wedge so I am thinking they will be comfy too. One thing I will say is this, I'm done for the year (I am flat broke)!!!! But I am open to gifts and know I have a problem, right??? Good as long as we agree......laugh, cry and buy and if you buy me a pair I will NOT be mad at you..."I am not my shoes but my shoes are sooooooooooo me!" - Shuzie-ism