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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Easy breezy weekend/resort style!! Caution - Curvy Warrior Princess ahead!!

So my new favorite model is the super talented make up artist of the've seen her featured recently and its time to see her again. She brought so much joy to our shoot and really proved that style is not about size but about confidence and loving the skin you're in!! 

Got into this mixed print maxi look and dropped a camo jacket on top and let her go to town!!! SHE LOVED IT!!! Twirled, spun and enjoyed the pool......she could almost be on a cruise or at an exclusive high end resort right?? of course by MG Photography and Jo's make up page on Facebook is Jmornanbeauty......look them up and book them! Trust me, you won't find better quality anywhere! Let me know thoughts on the outfit or just say hey in the comments!

She looks so fierce and her make up is EVERYTHING!!!! Oh!! Happy 4th of July weekend guys!!


  1. Yessss girl work that dress, I love the style. The makeup is flawless! Thanks for showing us how to mix those prints sista! God Bless you.

  2. Love it!!!! I already told her she wasn't posing as a model....she's DOING IT!!!!