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Friday, March 28, 2014

Distressed boyfriend shorts.......well I love them! Lol

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello Spring!!!!! How I've missed you......wait polar vortex what are you still doing here?

So we all know I've been chomping at the bit for Spring to arrive and yes it's because I want to wear skirts and sandals! But I do have some other reasons why I need the sun......breaking out the sunnies is one! Can't wear sunnies when the weather is gloomy. Rocking out with my boss clutches is another as clutches are so much cuter with the aforementioned skirts and sandals! Alas the brief whiff of spring that we experienced this past weekend has succumbed to another blast from the polar vortex.....and yet I press forward with this post, lol!

So in my Spring tribute......I'm doing a fun post dedicated to clutches and sunnies! How excited must I be that just about every line ends with an exclamation point? Lol, if you lived in the polar vortex region you would understand.....but I digress.

I may not be able to get all my clutches on here which is pretty sad, so there may need to be a part deux to this post...stay tuned! If you think I'm excited now, wait until summer and my trips to parts unknown but that's a whole nother post........ My cup overflows!

Monday, March 17, 2014

She's baaaaaaaack!! The funky church lady that is....

Blogging is really about more than pictures...its about relationship and telling a story. So each look that I highlight really tells a story about me, who I am now and who I am hope to be........wait should it really be this deep? Yeah it should the funky church lady is back!

I've always been different, can't help it and I have come to believe that its a part of who I was created to be. Finally I embrace that maybe a church suit will never be my go to outfit, that my afro was never really corporate enough and may never really be church enough for some folk but ...........hey, I am working with my gift and loving who I am!!

So the funky church lady chronicles continue.....this time with pops of neon.....I doubt this is a Sunday morning outfit, it may be more appropriate for hanging with the ladies or date night with Rev.  Either way I love this shift - my go to choice for spring/summer - and yes I will still be wearing neon for the upcoming warmer months!!! On another note - check out them legs!!!! LOL