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Maximize your feel good!!! What SolesUp is all about!

I'm a mother, a wife, a woman of great faith and I love fashion especially shoes! I'm quick witted, sharp, funny and I'm a great writer....if I say so myself. I write because it's a necessary outlet for the beautiful things in my head and in my closet or that I want in my closet! From the Soles Up is all about my lifestyle and my personal style......meaning it's mostly about me, the things I crave and the things I think are amazing and worth writing about. I love to share who I am with others and to draw people into a world where style is possible no matter the budget or where they may be in their life. I am all about maximizing your feel good and I believe looking good never makes you feel bad!

But who cares, you say? Well it's necessary to kind of let folk know who I am and what my brand is all about! Why you will see funky mom on the go vs what's hot in the streets or who's wearing what. I love street style and I am inspired by a number of stylish icons but the every day woman who wants to look and feel great is my audience and that's why I do what I do!!

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