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Monday, September 21, 2015

Fresh Post Friday (ummm Monday): New mom edition!

Sooooooooo I've had the baby!!!! My belly fruit is here and it is ALLLLLLL it is cracked up to be. I love my baby with everything within me that can love. There are so many things I could talk about BUT this is a fashion/lifestyle blog so I'm gonna get back to the fashion side of things!

So I've lost close to 40 pounds so far (breastfeeding is the truth) and I'm ecstatic. I'm going back into storage containers pulling out some of my "I will fit these one day" outfits and am excited about wearing them again. Having lost the weight though without exercise means that stuff is just not as firm as I would like it to be so no pictures of me until I get some toning done. 

What I will show you are my fall/back to work essentials now that I am a Mommy (insert scream here)! So here goes: First item is a slamming tote! The better to carry my breast pump in darlings!!! Simple, large, sturdy, sensible but not without charm...... Trying to make a boxy tote cool lol!

Next item is my uber cool diaper bag which was the best gift ever from my sister friend. It has tons of rooms and an insulated bag for bottles, a changing pad, coin purse and did I mention how cute it is? Every cool mama needs a cute diaper bag and this is it!

Then we get to the shoes: I finally got some new boots....I'm not a boot girl and it takes me forever to buy new boots, but these......yummy and oh so comfortable as well. Then I also have some super cute pumps (with paillettes no less), some cuuuute peep toes and some animal print flats....two pairs for variety!

Anyway there you have my first "fresh post Friday" (which dos not come out until Monday......hey I'm a new mom) edition as a new momma..... (Insert scream again)!!! Enjoy and let me know what you and your friends think! We back in the game......I think!