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Monday, November 23, 2015

One Look, Two Ways Part II: Blazer, check Heels, check....second look on deck!!

A couple posts back I started my one look, two ways series....the response was great and I really love the feedback! For the second "look" I kept the same skirt and tank, added a blazer and some heels with a pop of color and got a look that is office, dinner and or church friendly. The look with the sneakers was my church look *wink* but others may get a bit more dressed up! Not much to say except, here is part deux!! Enjoy!

Monday, November 9, 2015

One Look, Two Ways Part I: Life is not a photo shoot!!!

Life is not a photo shoot… and I mean that in the best possible way. I love to look at other bloggers’ posts and I enjoy the quality of their photos and how crisp and seamless all their looks are………but that’s not my reality!! I have a baby, he’s almost four months old and he is the light of my life....What that means is that I still love fashion, I do, but fashion for me now is all about short cuts and being fab, not only on a budget, but in the shortest amount of time possible! Sidebar: His first week in daycare, I found myself gobbling down my lunch at break neck speeds before I remembered that he was at daycare and I could actually eat at a regular pace….lol!!!

Life for me these days means laying out outfits weeks in advance and maybe not having the time to switch them around if I don’t like the way an element looks. Life is; multiple burp cloths and realizing that stylish bibs are not as absorbent as they look. Life is; getting fully dressed and having to undress because baby is now hungry and has to eat so later for the top half of my outfit……(yes he eats on a loose schedule but breastfed babies get hungry sometimes ahead of schedule)! Life is; not wearing your delicate multi strand necklace at a baby event or it will be pulled and broken. Life is about making it work!! And in the process of finding ways to make it work I came up with a theme for my next few posts; one look two ways!!! 

Why one look, two ways? Because now, more than ever my clothes have to pull double duty, triple even; church, work and mommy on the go! Gone are the days of church clothes, work clothes or weekend clothes, at least in my book. It’s all about making what you have work for the occasions that you need them to. Changing a jacket, shoes or accessories can go a long way to stretching your “cost per wear” and the functionality of your wardrobe. Some items you will discover are simply not baby friendly and those must be saved for non-baby events but for the most part your wardrobe must reflect where you are in your life BUT still be cute, fab or whatever look you are going for!! Here is my first post featuring the first outfit of my one look, two ways series!! This is the baby friendly look and includes my cute cute cute diaper bag......Let me know what you think!!

P.S I am totally obsessed with tie dyed, bleached or acid washed denim!!!!

Bomber Jacket: Forever 21
Skirt: J Crew sale (child I am on a budget)
Tank: Maternity tank from somewhere (shhhhh)
Sneakers: Converse of course