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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Late Updates from the Pregnancy Zone!!

Sooooooooooooo first off, heyyyyyy everybody!!! Its been 12 weeks since my last post and boy am I pooped! Yup, pregnancy will do that to you I hear. I am 34 weeks……..just about 6 weeks to go (who came up with 9 months…40 weeks is 10 months if you ask me, so don’t)!! I have grown a bunch, not just physically either, it’s such an amazing journey and no matter how much you try, you can never really imagine what it’s going to be like!!

Anyway, I have had a great pregnancy and I am happy to say that the clothing part was probably the easiest; I stuck to dresses and skirts because after a while my stomach did not like anything sitting on or below it. I got lots of stretchy stuff and kept wearing most of my pre-pregnancy cardigans and blazers over top and of course my denim jackets and shirts. I have not done any heels at all since last year and I am suffering from wedge and platform withdrawal and I pray that my feet don’t rebel after baby!!!

I understand that the lack of sleep thing gets worst after the baby is born so who knows when I will post again but I promise to be back on the ball once the little one and I get settled………if this turns into a mom blog, you can’t say you weren’t forewarned!!! I did a maternity shoot with an awesome photographer and I have included some of the shots here!! Check out her webpage and book her, you won't regret it!!!