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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holiday!! Shuzie Log: October 18, 2011

Ok so you can see where my mind is.....but Thanksgiving and Christmas are closer than you think and sparkly shoes are calling my name.....LOUDLY!!!! I know you think I am CURAZEEE for posting all sandals, but ladies, its UGGs to the party (or church in my case) and then wickedly pedicured tootsies to the world all night long, right??? Ok, as long as we have that established!!

I haven't found any to die for red ones yet (emphasis on yet) but for now I have 4 pairs of gold and black deliciousness to share and I KNOW that some of you will be rocking these for the holidays (I mean out of my 8 followers lol)!!! I love love love these but you guys know shoes and I have that love love thing going on!!!!

SB: This whole blog has been spoken in my head in my Jamaican voice since I consulted with Kelly before writing it....DWL!!! Laugh, cry, buy.....and shoe lovers to di werl!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Heart Vince Camuto Shuzie Log: October 14, 2011

I have a love love relationship with Vince Camuto shoes and I refuse to be convinced otherwise. He is an awesome shoe designer that thinks of fashion and a woman's comfort at the same time. His really outstanding pumps are simple, yet elegant and they do something for the legs that I just can't explain. Every once in a while some of his offerings may be a little plain but for the most part I have never not loved a pair I have tried on!! He does some things with textures, prints and embellishments that just take his shoes a notch above other mid priced designers.

I own 7 pairs of his shoes, 4 pairs of which are 2 sets of fraternal two sets of the same shoes in different colors, but the differneces in the color and texture make them well worth the double purchase. I rarely if ever purcahse doubles so VC is definitely doing something right. I have a few pairs on my wish list but I am waiting for the price to drop a bit (also another benefit, his shoes go on sale fairly quickly). They are probably some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and I just don't see them around enough so ladies, go out and get you some Vince Camutos.......laugh, cry, buy and talk to you guys next week!!!