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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Andiamo!!! (Let's Go!)

No doubt, the highlight of 2015 was the birth of my son....and nothing in my life will ever compare to that event BUT there have been other moments and I am grateful for them all. Reconnecting with family, learning to step out on faith a bit more and living this blog dream are just a few and I am determined to have even greater moments and events in 2016!

I don't typically do resolutions because I find they put a lot of pressure on people to accomplish something in a specific time frame and gives place to feelings of failure if that resolution is not accomplished......instead I have aspirations for 2016, things that I hope to accomplish and steps that I can take towards accomplishing those goals. If I do, great, if I don't, what can I do differently to make them happen the next time I try. Less pressure, more joy! Maybe that's my resolution........less pressure, more joy!!

When I look back and reflect on some of the more joyful moments of the blog and my life (not all from 2015), these are some of the photos that come to two photographers are truly the wind beneath my wings (how corny) and they motivate me to do better than the last shoot and to grow as a blogger, stylist, lover of fashion!! 
Check out their work here: and here:

Happy New Year guys!! Enjoy the opportunities to pursue new goals and dreams but remember most of all to enjoy life!!


  1. The fashion is HOT, Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Rose!! All the very best for you in the New Year

  2. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about you speaks joy, happiness, peace, love. These pictures, like you said, are a few highlights of days gone by. Love love love them. Can't wait to see what lies ahead in 2016 and BEYOND!! You go girl!

  3. Love these looks! Congratulations on making this week's links a la mode!

    XOXO Heather

  4. You have a wonderful smile and I think you're spot on about setting resolutions with small steps to accomplish instead of taking on too many and setting yourself up for failure. Love your style, especially the bright colors and contrasts from your first outfit!