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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Creative entrepeneur/funky church lady......all me, all day! Color, height & cute details

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Part I: Spring is is I said!!

Hey Lovies! Thank you all so much for following and sharing my blog! It's really been doing well and I am learning and growing day by day! So I've really been  posting a lot and gauging my audience in an attempt to see what works and what does not! Like I've said before, blogging for me is not just about what's hot and current but about building relationships and sharing my personal style so I am glad that I am getting the results that I have been.

My most popular posts are the ones that feature little ole me....*blush*. I really do enjoy blogging and showcasing my quirky style which comes through in my pictures so maybe that's what appeals to you all! Since some of you are new to this journey with me I decided to do a few throwback posts to show you just how far I have come and so here are some of my favorite looks from the distant and not so distant past!! I hope you enjoy!!

Oh and of course a little shoe love as shoes and accessories layout from the first shoot....whew, I went hard!!