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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring Trends - Printed Tops and Sweatshirt Dressing

Ok so its been a little while since I have done a written post and boy have I missed my readers.....I have been organizing and doing photo shoots, scouting photographers and basically learning how to be a great blogger!! I have so much in the works but did not want you guys to forget about me so here I am with some info on what's popping for spring!!

I love the spring trend reports from the runways but truth be told I prefer spring trends that I see in the stores......others follow the runway I follow retail which also follows the runway but in a way that is accessible to the general public. Retail takes the runway and converts it to real way and offer it at a variety of price points.....which works well for the everyday woman (me and my folk) so I went to the mall and browsed my fave stores and came up with some of the leading trends IMHO, here's my take on tops for spring.

The good news is that prints are still hot but I see some new prints besides your normal floral, watercolor and polka dots. The new print that I see is an Aztec type print that I do not like very much but I guess to each his own......I love prints so I did manage to get into a few tops I saw in Zara USA today and have attached some pics below. Also new are cropped tops........cropped cropped cropped everywhere and I got my first one today......woot woot!!

One of the trends that I have hung on to from the fall and I see moving into spring is sweatshirt takes your regular sweatshirt and embellishes it, prints it and adds up dressing elements like lace appliques to makes it suitable for dressier events typically not associated with sweatshirts (see HM sweatshirt below). I have fallen for this trend hook, line and sinker and now have an abundance of sweatshirts that I pair with dress pants, pleated skirts and pencil skirts......anyhooooo take a gander at the tops below and let me know what you think!!

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