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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Definition of SolesUp

I'm a woman, I love clothes but I especially am a lover of shoes! I'm quick witted, sharp and I'm a great writer....if I say so myself. My blog is a personal style blog......meaning it's mostly about my style, the things I crave and the things I think are beautiful. I love to share who I am with others and so as much as I can, I help those who ask to improve their style or to look good for events, photo shoots or performances etc.

But who cares, you say? Well it's necessary to kind of let folk know what my posts will feature and why they will see funky church lady outfits vs what's hot in the streets or who's wearing what. Having said that, it's also necessary to see if I can grow my audience by expanding what I think the blog is about. So please, let me know....what do you think? Do you love the blog or not so much.....there should be no hate, lol!!!

All that to say, here is one of my favorite looks ever posted.....deceptively simple, yet soooooooo much fun (so fun I decided to try jumping for a couple of shots). Mickey, me, some cool flats, ripped jeans and a sunny yellow purse! What more could you ask for? not much I think *Kanye shrug*!!!!! Enjoy the spring Lovies! Oh and how could I forget my Tom Ford sunnies and my rap mogul!!