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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Its always been about the shoes - SolesUp Baby!!

When I started the blog, it was called something else.....I simply can't put my finger on it right now but it had something to do with me being called Shuzie!! I used to call the posts Shuzie logs and give the date for my obscure Star Trek reference......don't judge me. I posted shoes I owned, shoes from stores, shoes that were trending etc....all in an effort to display my love of shoes.

The blog evolved because I love to style others and to dress myself in interesting ways and have always had a desire to help people achieve their best selves externally as they work on their best selves I combined the fashion with the shoes and voila!! I still basically get dressed with shoes as my inspiration though so the name of the blog had to represent that, hence the name.....SolesUp!!

All that to say, its really always been about my shoes....mine and others so for today's post I took a trip down memory lane and pulled some of my favorite shoe shots to share with you guys!! Some of these shots are so Well enjoy!!!

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