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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Prep, of my priceless tips to looking great!!

So I'm creating a new set of tips for my busy friends and family and one of the tips is all about preparation! This post details how I prep for the week on the weekend and although it may seem like a lot just think about how much time you spend in the morning trying to find shoes or a top to go with that skirt etc…….prepping for the week leaves time during the week that you may not even realize you're losing, so here are the steps!

-          Pick 5 base pieces that are interchangeable. Base pieces can be tops or bottoms or one piece (obviously not a jumpsuit unless you work in fashion lol) for example; 2 pairs of pants, 2 skirts and one classic button down shape (you can have a dress as an extra base option)
-          Pick 7 or 8 complimentary pieces (why 7 or 8? It’s a guarantee that you will get to at least one outfit choice and change your mind). I would say at least one additional skirt and pant, and then five or more tops that can go with your choices (again, a work appropriate dress can be one of these choices)
-          Put outfits together, complete outfits with shoe ideas, purses and accessories
-          Try them on!!!!! This is the most important step as it teaches you what works and what does not (take some selfies as sometimes just looking in the mirror does not give an accurate reflection of the look)
-          Switch out options that don’t work and try on again…….(I can hear folk saying aint nobody got time for allllllll that!! You gain the time back in the morning and in the evenings when you come home and don’t have to prepare clothes for the next day)
-          Once satisfied, hang up the outfits away from the rest of your clothes so you don't get tempted to change a look in the morning (an over the door rack is a great idea) and get to sleep or whatever else you had planned for your evening or day.

Trust me, you gain so much time in the morning and this whole process does not have to take an hour. It can literally be done in a half an hour or less, especially if you know your clothes and your body but that’s a whole other post …………

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