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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are you ready for fall? I'm not........summer, please don't go!!

Ok so first off let me say that I struggled with this post…….my summer wardrobe and my fall wardrobe are really not that different, except that the fall wardrobe may include ankle booties, a cute jacket/coat and a bit more layering. Why is my summer wardrobe so similar to fall? I work in an office so I tend to layer and wear sleeves anyway and because I work in an office I can also get away with sandals and peep toe shoes until the first snow……lol. I got some insight (help actually) from one of my favorite fashion lovers (cousin Karla) and together with her suggestions are my own fall must haves and a few ideas for layering to create more of a fall feel for your wardrobe without having to shop (unless you really want to )!

-                Cute medium weight coat/jacket – Karla suggests: lightweight, unlined but      brightly colored coat  - preferably car length and bracelet sleeves

-                Several colorful scarves (also medium weight)

-                Suiting blazers & slacks

-                Printed & plain cardigans (Karla approved)

-                Printed button downs

-                Midi skirts/dresses (Karla approved)

-                Cropped pants

-                Statement flats – Karla suggests: Oxfords (flat or heeled) with no socks

-                Light weight sweaters

-                High heeled or mid heel ankle booties

-                Peep toe pumps

-                Camisole or tank tops to layer

-         Karla suggests: heavier, chunkier jewelry and belts
Seems like a lot of stuff but I am willing to bet you have them all in your wardrobe right now, it’s just a matter of getting organized and creating outfits. Here are some of my outfit go tos for when you feel that first nip of cold in the air.

-          Cropped pant in an unexpected color (Kelly green or magenta), white tank layered under a printed button down and a suiting jacket in a neutral (black, navy or gray depending on pant color). The cropped pant I would pair with a statement flat, oxfords or peep toe pumps…….I am not a fan of the cropped pant/ankle boot combo just yet

-  Midi pencil skirt, button down, plain long cardigan belted with a favorite belt, high heeled ankle boots, chunky necklace
Lightweight (almost sheer) boxy sweater layered over coordinating camisole, suiting trousers (straight or slightly wide legs), high heeled peep toe pumps and car length sleeve coat (I love this outfit in my head so much!!!)

So there you have it, a couple of looks from a basic wardrobe for the fall…… really don’t need to shop but if you want to, that is always an option!!

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