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Monday, December 14, 2015

Dressing the new bod: Classic black & white with a mix…..

Mixed print that is!! Ok so here’s the thing, my “new” body is hard to dress. I am sure many women can relate. I am skinnier than I was before I got pregnant but some things have gone flat and other things have gone curvy, lol!! I am working with temporary alterations now for sizing BUT things just don’t look the same on this body as they did on the pre preggers body. What’s a new mom on a budget to do? Make it work honey!!!

Foundation garments (i.e. girdles) are my friend and jersey/stretchy fabrics also work well for the new bod. Adding interest such as prints and peplums to outfits is also a great way to camouflage problem areas. For today’s post I decided to mix prints and create interest to draw focus away from areas I don’t like, all the while appearing to highlight my new curves……… Mixing prints is not as easy as pro stylists make it seem (lol), but keeping it simple and classic can produce a standout look and I think I did that with this one…if I say so myself.

I kept the palette extremely simple, black and white and kept the prints simple as well. A geometric print on top and horizontal stripes on the bottom…..the print on top camouflaged my stomach area while the horizontal stripe gave the illusion of curvy hips…..TMI I know but I am all about what works!! To bring attention up towards the face I brought in some neon earrings to break up the black and white. I love this look and will be mixing prints more in the future……as always, let me know what you think!!!