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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When the natural finds product nirvana.........

My last post was about make up, so today I want to talk about hair…. My hair, my natural hair!
My hair texture has changed quite a bit over the past ten years or so and may even still be changing which means that I try out and use a bunch of different products on it to keep it healthy and styled…….or as styled as I can get it. Recently though (maybe the past 5 months or so), I have been consistently using these two products and they have become my faves; Shea Moisture organic yucca & aloe thickening growth milk and Shea Moisture raw shea butter extra moisture detangler.
How do I use them? After my wash/cowash/conditioning process I use the growth milk as my leave in and then the detangler replaces what I would consider my curl cream…….they work beautifully to create defined curls that are soft to the touch and that typically last about 3 days or so. The only problem I have is a bit of white product buildup until its completely dry. I have gone through the growth cream and most of the detangler and have not been able to find either in my new neighborhood so I grabbed a couple of things from Target the other day; Miss Jessies leave in condish and her jelly soft curls and tried those.

Let me say this, the leave in condish is awesome!!! Smells like a dream and was easy enough to work through my hair without too much white residue (if any). I did not love the jelly soft curls because it left my curls a bit crunchy……great definition but still slightly crunchy. So on day 2 to counter the crunch I sprayed my hair with some conditioner water and then added the leave in condish again and the Shea Moisture detangler on top instead of the jelly soft curls cream.

See crunchy above.......

Honeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!! It was like magic! I got the definition I wanted AND my curls were super soft. Day 3 I got at the hair with some Eden body works moisturizer and a shower cap while I showered and got dressed for work…………..again the magic! Day 4 looked even better with the same process…..moisturizer, cap and shower steam. Day 5 I was like oh well I need to wash and start over but nope!! Took a chance with the moisturizer, cap and shower trick and guess what? The hair fluffed back up, soft, curly (less defined obviously but still great) and shiny even.

The problem that I now face is not wanting to surrender this wash and go but the hair needs to be cleaned……days of buildup and just plain old dirt BUT I will let you all know how the next wash and go turns out with this same process!! Still feeling like I won the hair product game this past week lol!!

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  1. I love the versatility and the time frame afforded by the combining of these varied products. Cant' wait to try them out as my natural hair grows in. Thanks, Fania!!