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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ok so it wasn't on sale but.......Shuzie Log: November 21, 2011

Ok so I was just browsing the week of Black Friday sales yadda yadda.....when I happened upon the perfect shoe for the season....aka I got weddings, showers and New Year's coming up!!! Not that I will be wearing these shoes to all of the aforementioned events but they can slide through a few if I coordinate my crowds

Anyway so I was browsing and came across these lovely purple suede with a feather and crystal embellishment and.......*sigh* just had to have them.....When you think about it, they're totally festive without being obviously Christmas and I really needed a pair of purple suede shoes with a feather and crystal embellishment......ROFL!!! It's one of those pairs that I think will join the fave shoes category and when you see them you will know why!!! Anyhoo its the Monday of a short week and I have tons to do so.......laugh, cry, buy and I will post some lovelies soon.....

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