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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feeling a little Rock & Republic!! Shuzie Log: November 3, 2011

What it do Diva Loves?? Really happy to see October go and it sure did go out with a bang for us East Coast heads.......a snow storm, no power and too darned cold to wear anything cute on the feet!!!

The good news is, fall is trying to make a come back and I may be able to get a wear or two out of a couple more peep toe dynamos!! I am feel a little DOM these days and have been eyeing these Rock and Republic darlings that have been languishing in my closet all summer long.....just couldn't find the right place or event to wear them to.....these are not CHURCH!

They are super high and to die for......Still no event but I am going to figure out somewhere to wear these chumpies! For sure, they are definitely not dancing shoes but for an evening of just sitting and looking fab, they are going to be my first choice.

SB: Is it Friday yet?? Laugh, cry and buy my loves.....

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