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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I think I really need a shot or something!! Shuzie Log: November 8, 2011

So the shoe obsession continues and I have a confession to make, I also have a thing for satchels......yeah the purses....I must admit I don't know where or how it came about but it exists in a very tangible way in my closet!!! All that to say, I think I need help, want help, no but need help, yes!! I was thinking of my blog this morning and realized that my current shoe fancy runs to tiny peep toes or cobalt blue shoes......and sometimes a shoe that combines!!

My birthday shoes were cobalt blue with the tiny peep hole and then I have some Sam Edelman joints that have the tiny peep hole and lovely prints and then I found a shoe today that I feel that I simply must have and they are called Altetude!!! I mean come on, the name alone is gonna make me get them but the shape and the stem (heel) is just delicious.......*sigh* I know I know, I don't need one more pair (especially not a blue pair) but without intervention, I do believe that they will grace my closet very soon......oh I included the very lovely satchel that has recently become a part of my collection.....

Well, point me in the direction of shoeaholics annonymous please and while doing so.....laugh, cry and buy.....they're shoes out there in need of a home!!! ROFL!!


  1. Girl, I'm getting old. Can't walk in those

  2. I really like the blue ones before the bag. Great shade of blue