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Monday, March 17, 2014

She's baaaaaaaack!! The funky church lady that is....

Blogging is really about more than pictures...its about relationship and telling a story. So each look that I highlight really tells a story about me, who I am now and who I am hope to be........wait should it really be this deep? Yeah it should the funky church lady is back!

I've always been different, can't help it and I have come to believe that its a part of who I was created to be. Finally I embrace that maybe a church suit will never be my go to outfit, that my afro was never really corporate enough and may never really be church enough for some folk but ...........hey, I am working with my gift and loving who I am!!

So the funky church lady chronicles continue.....this time with pops of neon.....I doubt this is a Sunday morning outfit, it may be more appropriate for hanging with the ladies or date night with Rev.  Either way I love this shift - my go to choice for spring/summer - and yes I will still be wearing neon for the upcoming warmer months!!! On another note - check out them legs!!!! LOL


  1. My name is Sharice Styles and I'm a Style Consultant in the New York City area. I love your look, it's perfect for church and a night out on the town. The traditional "Church Look" has totally been broken up into different pockets and sections and you are owning YOURS!!!! Keep being totally you ;-)

  2. Love it mama!! You betta wweeerrrrkkkk!!!

  3. Love the look Funky church lady, that BAG is that BCBG? :-)