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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Goodbye ugly chunks of ice - hello skirts and sandals!!

Look, let's be honest I am a sun and sandal baby, winter is not my friend even though I love boots and booties....that comes from being Jamaican or something. Whatever the reason, this winter has been particularly hard; the never ending snow, the bi-polar vortex (lolololol) and a bunch of other things not blog worthy but.....................The weather seems to have "broken" and it feels like Spring may actually make an appearance and I am so ready for a new season and all it has to offer!

Although the post title is welcoming skirts, I am actually blogging one of my favorite denim cross over outfits....I wear it in the fall and now for spring I think it will also be a popular choice for me. My fave flared jeans, a crisp white jacket, a cool top and one of my favorite funky wedges!!! Let's not forget my super clutch and other finishing touches.......Ahhhh Spring, ten days away, so close and yet so far! Oh and yep, that is snow in the background vortex!